Amalfi Coast Luxury Wedding PlannerOh what a pretty wedding this was. I just loved the lemon chiffon colors with the blue of the sea and white details of this seaside town. I refer to this location as paradise as it is truly one of the most spectacular locations that I have ever seen and it is always such a pleasure to return there for a wedding. Click HERE to see the Style Me Pretty feature, the uber blog for all things wedding.

Amalfi Coast Italy Wedding Planner Ravello 3_Amalfi-Coast-Ravello-Wedding-Italy 5_Amalfi-Coast-Ravello-Wedding-Italy 6_Amalfi-Coast-Ravello-Wedding-Italy 8_Amalfi-Coast-Ravello-Wedding-Italy 12_Amalfi-Coast-Ravello-Wedding-Italy 13_Amalfi-Coast-Ravello-Wedding-Italy 15_Amalfi-Coast-Ravello-Wedding-Italy 16_Amalfi-Coast-Ravello-Wedding-Italy 17_Amalfi-Coast-Ravello-Wedding-Italy 21_Amalfi-coast-Ravello-Wedding-Italy 22_Amalfi-Coast-Ravello-Wedding-Italy 24_Amalfi-Coast-Ravello-Wedding-Italy 26_Amalfi-Coast-Ravello-Wedding-Italy 32_Amalfi-Coast-Ravello-Wedding-Italy 35_Amalfi-Coast-Ravello-Wedding-Italy 36_Amalfi-Coast-Ravello-Wedding-Italy 37_Amalfi-Coast-Ravello-Wedding-Italy 43_Amalfi-Coast-Ravello-Wedding-Italy 44_Amalfi-Coast-Ravello-Wedding-Italy 45_Amalfi-Coast-Ravello-Wedding-Italy 51_Amalfi-Coast-Ravello-Wedding-Italy 55_Amalfi-Coast-Ravello-Wedding-Italy 58_Amalfi-Coast-Ravello-Wedding-Italy 63_Amalfi-Coast-Ravello-Wedding-Italy 67_Amalfi-Coast-Ravello-Wedding-Italy 69_Amalfi-Coast-Ravello-Wedding-Italy 70_Amalfi-Coast-Ravello-Wedding-Italy 74_Amalfi-Coast-Ravello-Wedding-Italy 80_Amalfi-Coast-Ravello-Wedding-Italy 85_Amalfi-Coast-Ravello-Wedding-Italy 90_Amalfi-Coast-Ravello-Wedding-Italy 92_Amalfi-Coast-Ravello-Wedding-Italy 93_Amalfi-Coast-Ravello-Wedding-Italy 94_Amalfi-Coast-Ravello-Wedding-Italy 95_Amalfi-Coast-Ravello-Wedding-Italy 96_Amalfi-Coast-Ravello-Wedding-Italy 115_Amalfi-Coast-Ravello-Wedding-ItalyAs you can see the wedding of Sarah and Jerome was a dream come true in a place that, if it were any more magical, could only be in a fairy tale. The couple contacted us about 15 months in advance and were keen to choose their wedding location and to get the ball rolling. The only problem was that they could not come here themselves to choose it and so had to rely on my recommendation and judgement as to which was the best location to suit their personalities and tastes, in effect to read their minds. Based on discussions and many emails I was confident that this location was the one for them and they booked it. They were quite nervous when they came over six months later to discover that it was all they expected and yet much more. They breathed a collective sigh of relief.

The festivities began with a casual welcome dinner the night before. The guests were arriving little by little and it is always a relief for the couple to be able to greet each guest personally at the welcome dinner and to know that they have all arrived. The following day the beauty preparations began for the bride and her bridesmaids in the couple’s suit with sea view. Sarah had brought over her trusted hair and make up person from London for the occasion. The groom and his groomsmen, as usual, took a less formal approach while lounging around at their hotel right down the street.

The ceremony was a legal Protestant ceremony held in the garden of the villa. Garden, sea, mountains…what’s not to love. It was a heartfelt ceremony for a couple that is very much in love and who feel very grateful to have found each other. Following the ceremony the bride and groom stole away to take some photos around the villa while the guests relaxed over cocktail hour in the upper terrace of the garden. Dinner was held on the Belvedere Terrace which was quite an exception as this is rarely granted. Then for the cake cutting and after dinner dancing the party moved to the villa’s famous infinity pool with one of the best views to set eyes upon. The band was brought in from Switzerland as the couple had heard them play at another wedding in the year prior and were very impressed with them and knew instantly that they wanted them for their own wedding as well.

For the printed and calligraphied items I had suggested Emma J. Designs in Atlanta. They are so talented and specialize in elegant and refined monograms and paper suites. The flowers were all in white with an occasional pale lemon touch. Bottles of limoncello were given out as favors since the Amalfi Coast is the birth place of Limoncello and the coast is just teaming with lemons both enormous and small. At the head table were placed individual gifts for each person with a hand written note. It was a very thoughtful gesture for people who were particularly close to the couple and to whom they wanted to give particular thanks and gratitude.
Click HERE to see the letter that Sarah sent to Brenda in thanks and describing their experience with Italia Celebrations.