Love in Rome

Throughout Victoria and Tony’s wedding you had to remind yourself that this was not a movie, this was real life. The bride even looks like a young Elizabeth Taylor. Click on the photo above to see the spectacular short video. No matter where you are now it will transport you back to Rome in the 1950’s, at least for three minutes. Then click below to follow along on this glamorous ride.
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Opulent Rome Catholic Church Wedding

Luxury Indonesian Wedding Rome
This wedding was quite spectacular with everything in abundance…chandeliers, white flowers, fourteen musicians, candles, guests and even bishops and priests! The couple and their families were so lovely and gracious and their two hundred guests had all flown in from Indonesia for the celebration. It was a sight to behold in one of Rome’s many extraordinary churches.
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Rome Wedding Featured in Inside Weddings Magazine


It’s always nice to be published and particularly in print magazines just like the good old days. Something to hold in your hands and to be proud of, particularly since they are able to publish only a handful of weddings per year and so must be extra selective. And this was a gorgeous wedding to love. It was held in an ancient Roman cloister that is now a research institute into the history of Rome and the location only recently became available for private events.
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Rome Wedding featured on Style Me Pretty

Meline and Coco are a very charming couple from California. She is of Armenian descent and Coco is originally from Turkey. With some of their family living in Europe and their close attachments to the Old World, Rome seemed like the perfect location for their wedding. Click HERE to see the Style Me Pretty feature or below to see more photos of this highly styled and their very chic wedding day.
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