Dennis and Bryan were married in a castle deep in the Tuscan countryside with 40 of their closest friends and family. Three sublime days filled with adventures, dinners, music, dancing and fun. Martha Stewart Weddings magazine featured their wedding in their Summer 2016 edition which you can see HERE. For more fabulous photos of the day click below.

The hand made linen welcome bags were just perfection. Waiting in each for each guest’s arrival, the bags were filled with bottles of San Pellegrino aranciata, Campari and orange cocktail, amaretto cookies, jars of rosemary salt and custom designed Italian postcards.

The color palette was navy, persimmon and grey accented with marbling. Cypress tree motifs were used throughout as the quintessential Tuscan design element as well as the hexagonal shape which just felt modern and matched the menus. In order to make the cypress tree cookies shown below a custom cookie cutter was hand fashioned by a Roman jeweler. The cookies were marbled and dribbled with edible rose gold leaf. So chic!

gay_wedding_tuscany_italy_10  gay_wedding_tuscany_italy_18
The couple has a favorite hand made chocolate shop in Memphis where they live and the owner offered to create two custom flavors for them. Dennis asked me for suggestions typical of Italy and we came up with persimmon and vin santo with biscotti. Persimmons are common in Italy in season and vin santo is the most common Tuscan liquor and it is always served with biscotti. The guests found these on their pillows when they returned back to their rooms after the wedding celebration.

gay_wedding_tuscany_italy_26 gay_wedding_tuscany_italy_30 gay_wedding_tuscany_italy_34 gay_wedding_tuscany_italy_40 gay_wedding_tuscany_italy_44 gay_wedding_tuscany_italy_50
On the morning of the wedding the grooms ventured out in their convertible vintage Fiat 500 for photos in the countryside, and what a countryside it was. The castle is surrounded by the gently rolling hills that Tuscany is famous for. The hills are picture ready and the photographer Corbin Gurkin did an amazing job.

The castle was recently acquired and lovingly restored by an Italian chef who moved to the United States as a child and then came back as an adult with the mission of returning the castle to its former glory. The castle has twenty rooms for guests and everyone stayed onsite which made it much more special. The grooms helped each other to dress for the ceremony in their master suite. They had matching tuxedos custom designed and hand tailored. I had suggested a morning suit as the Europeans typically wear and they wanted to make it a bit more modern and less formal and summery while maintaining the Old World feel.

gay_wedding_tuscany_italy_92gay_wedding_tuscany_italy_94 gay_wedding_tuscany_italy_96 gay_wedding_tuscany_italy_98 gay_wedding_tuscany_italy_100 gay_wedding_tuscany_italy_104 gay_wedding_tuscany_italy_115 tuscany_italy_gay_wedding_planner_202 tuscany_italy_gay_wedding_planner_206
The grooms didn’t want any flowers but asked me repeatedly for many, many candles. They were stunned to see how well I listened as there were 89 pillar candles in vases and scores of tealights adorning their dinner table. The table sparkled, complementing the strands of lights that we had hung in the trees overhead.

tuscany_italy_gay_wedding_planner_216 tuscany_italy_gay_wedding_planner_220 tuscany_italy_gay_wedding_planner_236 tuscany_italy_gay_wedding_planner_237 tuscany_italy_gay_wedding_planner_240 tuscany_italy_gay_wedding_planner_242
Dennis has his Masters in Music as do many of their friends. Every evening featured musicians, singing by the guests and dancing. It was one big jam session between the hired musicians and the musicians in attendance. What a wonderful way to start your married life together. Tanti auguri Dennis and Bryan for many magical years ahead of you.


The story of Dennis and Bryan’s wedding wouldn’t be complete without seeing their wedding videos. Watching them you could be forgiven for thinking that you felt the warm summer breeze caress your face and smelled the aroma of pizza just out of the outdoor oven wafting through the air. So romantic, so ethereal, true artistry!

Welcome Dinner Video, click on photo below

Wedding Day Video, click on photo below