Weddings in Florence

Florence is synonymous with the Renaissance. It was the birth place of Michelangelo, Dante and Donatello and is an incomparable city of the arts and the capital of Tuscany. No wonder it is one of the most beloved cities the world over.

In Florence all types of ceremonies are possible—Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, symbolic and civil. There are more restrictions than most elsewhere in Italy on where a Catholic ceremony may be celebrated and the civil hall only celebrates weddings on limited days of the week. With patience and flexibility we can work around these obstacles and find the right situation for you either in the heart of Florence or in the hills surrounding Florence where there are a variety of spectacular castles, villas and gardens.

Florence has the added benefit of being only 90 minutes via high speed train from the center of Rome making it relatively convenient for you and your guests. Your guests can have a high degree of independence and most of historic Florence is accessible on foot. In addition the cuisine is hearty and sumptuous and the wines from the surrounding Tuscan countryside are among the world’s best. The spring and the fall are my preferred periods as July and August can be quite hot and humid although it rains less. During the summer the hills just outside of Florence offer an escape from the heat in the center which is in a valley. Florence is also an excellent consideration for a winter wedding since it is spectacular all year round and there are inside locations with breathtaking frescoes and architecture. In the winter there are also a lot fewer tourists and around Christmas it is all decked out for the holidays. So all year round Florence is an excellent choice with a wealth of options and for a celebration with a wealth of options unique only to Florence. Vive la Renaissance!