Lake Region Wedding

luxury_Lake_Como_Wedding_Planner_The northern Lake Region of Italy is at the foot of the Alps and on the border of Switzerland providing a spectacular display of natural beauty. There are three primary lakes—Como, Maggiore, Garda plus the tiny but charming Lake Orta. It is possible to arrive to the ceremony via private boat in many cases.

Milan is the best airport to fly into and the drive is about an hour to each lake depending on the final destination on the lake. Depending where you are going they are also reachable by train from central Milan. Lake Orta is a little further away and more difficult to reach via public transportation.


was carved by glaciers and has been a popular playground for the well-to-do since Roman times. George Clooney has a villa on the lake and he spends a fair amount of time here. The views in Lake Como are the most spectacular of the three lakes with the most prominent mountains. It also has, by far, the most suitable villas for high end weddings. It is, accordingly, the most expensive among the lakes.  The lake region is among the most expensive in Italy.


is famous for its three tiny Borromee islands in the middle of the lake—Isola Bella, Isola Pescatore and Isola Madre. The most charming and touristy town is Stresa where there are many hotels dating back to the Art Nouveau period. There are fewer top wedding locations on Lake Maggiore than on Lake Como or Lake Garda.


is the largest of the lakes and furthest east placing it near Verona and Venice. There is an exquisite island and castle in the middle of the lake which is ideal for weddings.


Over the centuries a number of opulent villas have been built along the shores of these lakes by their illustrious guests and residents. Fortunately, some of these are now open to the public as hotels or locations for weddings and events.

All types of weddings are possible in the Lake Region. Given its northernmost position in Italy on the edge of the Alps mountain range, the best months for a wedding are from May through September. The summer months are particularly agreeable and have the least chance of rain. In almost every case it is important that the villa has an indoor space for the after dinner and dancing party so that the festivities can go into the night. Without a suitable indoor space the music would have to finish by or before midnight.