colorful wedding decoration ItalyFor the rehearsal dinner in the pool garden we wanted an explosion of color to contrast with the elegant all white wedding day that would follow.

It felt like being in a fairy tale, particularly as the sun went down and the colored lights came on. Click HERE to see the Style Me Pretty post.

This was the groom’s night and he wasn’t something fun, circus like with fire throwers and entertainment. Planning the theme for the welcome dinner was easy as the location is so rustic and classically old Italian that it just screamed out to be vintage and rustic. The wedding theme was easy enough since the bride wanted it all white with occasional gold accents. But what to do for the Rehearsal Dinner in the garden where the groom wanted a fun, circus like environment? And on top of that it was the Fourth of July. I suggested doing something all out colorful to match the feeling of the events chosen by the groom and to be a stark contrast to the strictly formal palette of white, white and white. So we went all out with an explosion of color.

As the female guests arrived into the garden they were fitted with “Clean Heels” by the groomsmen in kilts. (The groom is Scottish). “Clean Heels” is an ingenious invention consisting of a rubber encasing that slips over the heels of stilettos or other similarly narrow heels and has a silver dollar sized round base at the bottom so that the heels do not sink into the grass. The women were very grateful as you can imagine.

The cocktail area was set up with outdoor sofas and bean bag chairs with multi colored pillows befitting the color scheme. The bride and groom each had their own signature cocktail–“His” was Dark ‘n’ Stormy while “Hers” was a Tom Collins with prosecco. The guests had been encouraged to dress colorfully for which many were happy to oblige on a beautiful and warm July 4 evening.

The seating cards were strung from an olive tree by multi colored ribbons and strings of colored crystals that dangled in the light breeze. At the base of the tree were bunches of purple and light blue hydrangea.
For the table settings we chose to assort everything. Each glass was from a different style–the white wine glass was a transparent violet color, the prosecco flute was engraved, the red wine goblet was faceted and the water glass was a transparent green tumbler. The tablecloth was lilac colored, the charger green glass, the napkin a vivid violet, the silverware gold, the chair silver, the menus orange and white with multi colored rock candy sticks at setting. It was a crazy quilt of color and style and yet had a wonderful kaleidoscope effect overall.
We uplit each tree in the garden with a different color. When the sun went down and the lights became apparent, it was like being in a fairy tale garden. Add to that the two rows of multi colored paper lanterns strung over the dinner area and it was just magical. I didn’t want to leave that moment it was so special and like nothing I had seen before.

And finally…the fire performers. The groom got his wish and the guests were regaled with fire performers juggling, twirling, spinning fire all around them. It was the perfect end to a fantasy of an evening,

And to think that all of this was in jeopardy. We knew when we planned it that we would need good weather. At least no rain. But the night before the forecast was resolute, it would definitely rain. The bride so wanted this evening to be just perfect for the groom and he was in for many surprises that we had planned. But if had to move it inside because of the weather it would jeopardize several of the effects since the space was limited and, in any case, it is difficult to light the trees with multi colors when there were no trees indoors. We worried all day and the bride had her heart in her stomach all day as they were out on their day trip wine tasting through Chianti. I watched every cloud pass by in the sky wondering if this would be the one to rain. In the end it did not rain and by 4:00 I informed the bride via text message of the great news and she was overcome with relief. It was the happiest moment of the weekend for her. She wasn’t concerned about the wedding day but just that this day be perfect for the groom. In the end the wedding day had ideal summer weather as well.

Bride’s Dress: Erdem
Bride’s Shoes: Jimmy Choo