Catholic church wedding altar with candelabras and olive branchesWell that was fast! We no more than sent this wedding to Martha Stewart Weddings for editorial consideration and within weeks it was not only accepted but published. To see the feature click HERE. To see many more spectacular photos of the wedding day click on the photo above.

We couldn’t be more proud of this collaboration with a bride who was in the wedding business and the American florist Oleander and photographer Lauren Fair who both flew over from the Philadelphia area to produce this wedding together in an ancient monastery is on the border of Tuscany and Umbria.

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The bride Amanda was working for The Knot while we were planning her wedding and so she had her finger on the pulse of the wedding business. She had sifted through all the latest trends to zero in on what would be right for her own wedding to Patrick. Shortly after she first contacted Italia Celebrations we recommended the perfect location for their wedding in Italy and they booked it immediately, sight unseen. Well, it is an easy location to love and it was bounding with potential.
They had a Catholic ceremony in the ancient church on site at the monastery which was presided over by Monsignor John Kennedy, originally from Dublin but now at the Vatican. Patrick and his family really wanted their home parish priest to come and celebrate the wedding but, in the end, he was not able to make the trip. Since the groom’s family is Irish American, they were thrilled when Brenda introduced them to Monsignor Kennedy and they couldn’t have been happier.For a destination wedding it is not always easy to find an officiant with whom you can form a bond on such short notice but from the first moment that was never a problem here.
Originally the couple was looking in the New York, New Jersey area for a wedding location. No location felt quite right but along the way they met Cynthia of Oleander Florals and Lauren of Lauren Fair photography and they all just clicked. But they were in need of a location. And so when Amanda and Patrick choose Italy for their wedding both Cynthia and Lauren wanted to come along and the results were magical. We hope to all be able to work together again soon.