Tuscany wedding chandeliers
This was such a pretty, pretty wedding. Everything about it was charming and stunning. Have a look and see if you don’t think so, too. Style Me Pretty thought so too and said yes to this feature immediately. Click HERE to see the Style Me Pretty feature.

Umbria-Castle-Wedding-Planner-Italy-1 Umbria-Castle-Wedding-Planner-Italy-2 Umbria-Castle-Wedding-Planner-Italy-3 Umbria-Castle-Wedding-Planner-Italy-4 Umbria-Castle-Wedding-Planner-Italy-5 Umbria-Castle-Wedding-Planner-Italy-6 Umbria-Castle-Wedding-Planner-Italy-8 Umbria-Castle-Wedding-Planner-Italy-9 Umbria-Castle-Wedding-Planner-Italy-10 Umbria-Castle-Wedding-Planner-Italy-11 Umbria-Castle-Wedding-Planner-Italy-12 Umbria-Castle-Wedding-Planner-Italy-13 Umbria-Castle-Wedding-Planner-Italy-14 Umbria-Castle-Wedding-Planner-Italy-15 Umbria-Castle-Wedding-Planner-Italy-16 Umbria-Castle-Wedding-Planner-Italy-17 Umbria-Castle-Wedding-Planner-Italy-18 Umbria-Castle-Wedding-Planner-Italy-19 Umbria-Castle-Wedding-Planner-Italy-20 Umbria-Castle-Wedding-Planner-Italy-21 Umbria-Castle-Wedding-Planner-Italy-22 Umbria-Castle-Wedding-Planner-Italy-23
From the first moment they arrived at the castle in Umbria it was not only everything that they were looking for, it just felt right for them and their friends and family who would be joining them for their three day wedding celebration.

The celebration began on a sunny Wednesday afternoon. After everyone arrived and settled in we had organized a welcome pasta party in the garden. The castle has an excellent kitchen and the offerings were ample and delicious traditional Umbrian specialties. The second day we organized a vineyard tour in jeeps. Umbria, just like Tuscany. is an important wine region of Italy and we went for a tour of the vines in jeeps followed by a tasting of the vineyards offerings afterward in their wine cellar. In the evening there was a pizza party around the pool followed by outdoor movies on the lawn. We brought in a real movie theater style popcorn maker and the guests were served little buckets of popcorn as they lounged on the pool chaises and watched the double feature.
The wedding day began in the afternoon with the bride’s special preparations for the wedding. There was a symbolic ceremony in the borgo (hamlet) behind the castle. Afterwards the celebration moved out front around the swimming pool for the cocktail hour where they were serenaded by a jazz quartet. For the cocktail hour I like jazz since it is lively and celebratory and puts everyone in a partying mood. Afterward they were seated at one long table in a part of the villa with a spectacular view over the virgin countryside. Overhead in the pergola were hung ten vintage chandeliers which gave the dinner an opulent, other worldly atmosphere.
From the dinner they moved on to the dance area where a dj was spinning their requested playlist. This was a fun group and they were ready to let loose on the dance floor. To make the dance area more intimate we hung a wall of small fairy lights which puddled on the ground.
The whole mood and wedding were intimate, fun and special. Just what they had been looking for from the beginning when they first thought of coming to Italy for their wedding. Tanti auguri (best wishes) to Jackie and Paul for a long and happy marriage!